Christian Liebel

Christian Liebel is not only a developer, but also a speaker, author and teacher: He is well known in the German Microsoft and .NET community due to several talks, workshops and hands-on sessions both at local user groups and large conferences and due to his regular publishing in major German developer magazines. Christian is an cross-platform development enthusiast covering both frontends and backends using technologies including Microsoft Azure. He is thrilled by the opportunities opened up by modern web technologies. You can reach him directly via email ([email protected]) or Twitter (@chris_liebel).

Progressive Web Apps for .NET Developers: An Overview

Progressive Web Apps work anywhere from iOS to Windows, run offline and can make use of native functionality such as camera access or geolocation. Thinktecture’s Christian Liebel shows you the technological foundations of this very promising application model, demonstrates how your PWAs can integrate with the Windows Runtime and what the new Chromium-based Edge means for Progressive Web Apps..