Filip Wojcieszyn

Filip is a popular .NET blogger, author, speaker, open source contributor and a Microsoft MVP. He is a core member of many high-profile .NET open source projects such as OmniSharp or scriptcs and author of numerous ASP.NET extensions/add-ons. Filip specializes in the Roslyn compiler (where he contributed a bunch of features), cross platform .NET development, modern web technologies and is experienced in delivering robust, large scale web solutions. He worked on projects in many corners of the world (Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Scotland).

Abusing the C# compiler

In this session we will look at the delicate interplay between the C# (Roslyn) compiler, the CLR/CoreCLR and the C# Language Specification. Is it possible that simple C# code wouldn't work as expected? Could the compiler or the runtime violate the language specification? Can we force the compiler to do things it wasn't designed to do? We'll answer all these questions as we journey through the fascinating worlds of the C# compiler and the .NET/.NET Core runtime.