Jan Fellien

My path to the profession began 26 years ago. But even before that I was involved in IT and software development. After an infinite number of co-developed data-driven applications, I discovered the world of Domain Driven Design and CQRS in 2010. Since then, I've been in love with it, just like the Azure Cloud. I am co-organizer of the first German Domain Driven Design Conference KanDDDinsky and since 2017 official Microsoft Azure MVP.

Build your own Serverless EventStore in a few clicks

You might have heard about serverless technologies and their advantages: Simpler development and lightspeed deployment of features. Serverless prevents us developers from dealing with infrastructure componentes, the most annoying thing in software development. But in the end its just one more layer of application abstraction. Maybe you heard about Event Sourcing (ES), too. Event Sourcing is one of the most disrupting patterns from the last years and is based on the concept of an Event Store. So, both Serverless and ES are extremely useful. Why not combine it to one thing: The Serverless EventStore? In this talk you will learn how and why Serverless Technologies are so important, as well as why Event Sourcing kicks you into the future (by using the history). I will show you how to set up a serverless EventStore in the Azure Cloud with Azure Functions and a Custom Binding.