Jonathan Ziller

Jonathan is a Lead Software Architect at Zühlke Engineering AG. He is a technology enthusiast always looking for new things to explore. When not designing architectures for projects he likes to broaden his horizon by dabbling in all kinds of programming languages with a special passion for functional programming. He also has a focus on web-based frontend technologies.

TypeScript - the unsung hero of modern web development

Enter TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft. TypeScript brings the power of a static type system to the world of lightweight dynamic programming. It also allows using newer language constructs that are not available yet in many browsers by compiling down to plain ES 5 JavaScript. In this talk I want to share some of the experiences I made using TypeScript in real-world projects and while developing an open-source library. I am going to show a number of amazing things the type system is capable of that allow you to write terse yet type-safe code, including literal types, strict type checking, union types, mapped types, and conditional types. I will also provide examples of how consuming ASP.NET Core APIs from TypeScript clients can be done with minimal effort.