Kathleen Dollard

Kathleen loves to code and loves to teach and talk about code. She’s written tons of articles, a book, and spoken at numerous conferences around the world. She’s on the .NET Core Team at Microsoft, where she works on the .NET Core CLI and SDK, C# and Visual Basic.NET. She’s always ready to help developers take the next step in exploring the wonderful world we call code.

Welcome to the new world of .NET Development

While the big story has been .NET Core 3.0 embracing Windows desktop development, upcoming releases from Microsoft have features that improve almost every type of development. Just a few of the huge number of features: .NET Core provides smaller executables via a linker, Visual Studio automates formatting rules, C# lets you avoid null reference exceptions, ASP.NET incorporates Blazor via Razor Components and the .NET ecosystem is expanding with .NET Tools. Kathleen brings together a set of demos across the spectrum of .NET to show how the next chapter of .NET can make your development easier and your applications better.