Alexander Kayed

Alex started as a hobbyist developer and later converted his hobby into his profession by obtaining an MSc in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Currently, he works at Noser Engineering AG as a Senior Software Engineer on a wide range of projects. Through the years, Alex has worked with a lot of stacks, but .NET and C# were and are always the focus: With the support of C# within notebooks, Alex is happy to be able to shift his explorative programming from the dynamic Python to the static, type-safe C# as well.

Let’s Build a form scanner with notebooks and OpenCV

We will build, step by step, using live code, a form scanner using OpenCV inside a notebook. “I don’t know Python” you say? Don’t worry. Since we will be using .NET Interactive and OpenCVSharp, we will be able to code in our favorite programming language: C#. During this talk, we will transform an ordinary smartphone picture of a form into JSON. While doing so, you will become acquainted with C# Notebooks – little known in the .NET world but big in Python and the scientific community. Notebooks are a great way to interactively explore code and we will use that to explore various computer vision challenges & solutions: Warping, Background Removal, Thresholding, OCR using Tesseract, and more.