Marc Müller

Marc Müller is a principal consultant for DevOps and .NET / Azure solutions at 4tecture GmbH and has been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Technologies (Azure DevOps). He has been able to bring his DevOps expertise and know-how for enterprise architectures and component-based distributed systems to many projects over the past few years. As a trainer and speaker, he focuses on the training and coaching of DevOps and .NET project teams.

Fast feedback with pull request deployments

A modern DevOps process would no longer be possible without feature branches and pull request workflows. How are the changes of a pull request verified? Often, only a deployment into an isolated PR environment provides clarity. This allows testing in the overall context with surrounding systems and real data persistence, the deployment and upgrade process can be tested as well and last but not least a product owner can look at the change on a running system. This talk will show everything that is needed for a pull request deployment and also show approaches for challenges like database schema deployment with data initialization as well as regression testing. The examples will be presented using Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes Services.