Mark Allibone

Mark Allibone is a Lead Mobile Engineer and a Microsoft MVP working at Rey Technology. He supports many well-known companies with their mobile ambitions in various domains. With a passion for efficient cross-platform solutions and a heart for the user, Mark does not solely aim to build functionally complete apps but apps that enable the user. He is the co-host of the Null Pointers. You can find him on Twitter as @mallibone

Creating cross-platform applications with .NET Maui

Did you know that you can write native client apps in C# for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS? Sounds familiar, you say? .NET Maui - the Multi-platform App UI - is the evolution of Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms and is now fully integrated into the .NET stack. So let's have a look at what comes with .NET Maui. From creating to building apps that target multiple operating systems. See how the tooling will support your journeys and how it feels to bring your inner visions and ideas to the UI and code of your app. So are you ready to surf on the new Multi-platform App UI?