Andrei Epure

Andrei is part of the Languages Team at Sonar in Geneva, developing the code analyzers for the .NET offering (Code Quality and Security for C# and VB.NET using the Roslyn compiler framework). Formerly at Microsoft Ireland, Almetis France, and Bitdefender Romania.

Clean as you Code: use Roslyn analyzers to focus on the code you modify

Clean code is crucial for ensuring the maintainability and scalability of software projects. However, it can be challenging for developers to improve the code quality of legacy codebases. In this session, Andrei will introduce the Clean as You Code approach, which empowers developers to take ownership of their code and meet high-quality standards. Using Roslyn analyzers and the open-source tool SonarQube, developers can focus on the code they modify and ensure that it adheres to Clean Code standards. By adopting this low-effort approach, developers can quickly identify and fix code issues, resulting in a cleaner codebase and improved software quality. Over time, by cleaning the code you modify, you improve the quality of the overall code and achieve a more maintainable, scalable, and high-quality codebase.