Devlin Duldulao

Devlin Duldulao is a Filipino full-stack cloud engineer based in Norway. He is a Microsoft MVP, a trainer, a conference speaker, a published book author, and a chief consultant at Inmeta. He loves going to universities and user groups to share his expertise.

Fault Handling with retry and circuit breaker design patterns

Polly can improve the customers' user experience in mobile and web applications. But do you know you can also use Polly in microservices communication? In this talk, I will show you a step-by-step process of building two simple .NET 6 Services and working with the Polly library to ensure we can handle any transient faults that may occur when one service calls the other. I will start with different types of exposing your microservices like direct, facade, and API gateway. Then what is Retry Policy? What is Circuit Breaker Policy? What is Infrastructure-based resiliency? And how to implement them in DotNET apps.