Dona Sarkar

Hi! I’m Dona Sarkar and I believe you are one experiment away from realizing how powerful you truly are. By day, I lead the Accessibility tech program at Microsoft, my latest focus is using AI inclusively in our work so the thousands of products we ship are usable by people with disabilities, neurodiversity and mental health concerns. By night, I run my own fashion business, Prima Dona Studios,. By weekend, I coach professionals how to build non-boring corporate careers, write both fiction and non-fiction and – as of this year -- I am also a restauranteur! I love making new friends so please come and say hi at

Supercharge Your Business and Career with AI

Come and watch me create a .NET chatbot using Azure Open AI Svc that’s customized to a user’s inclusivity and responsibility principles (fairness, accessibility, connectivity, tech literacy) to solve YOUR specific business needs.