Marc Müller

Marc Müller is a principal consultant for DevOps and .NET / Azure solutions at 4tecture GmbH and has been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Technologies (Azure DevOps). He has been able to bring his DevOps expertise and know-how for enterprise architectures and component-based distributed systems to many projects over the past few years. As a trainer and speaker, he focuses on the training and coaching of DevOps and .NET project teams.

Continuous Deployment Showdown: Traditional CI/CD vs. GitOps

In this session, we will compare traditional CI/CD and GitOps approaches to continuous deployment. Using practical examples, we will demonstrate how to implement both methods using Azure Pipelines and FluxCD. In traditional CI/CD workflows, code changes are pushed through a pipeline to reach production, while in GitOps, changes are submitted and detected by a GitOps agent that synchronizes them with the production environment. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method and how to optimize your continuous deployment process using Azure Pipelines and FluxCD. Attendees will learn which method is best suited for their needs and how to improve software development and deployment.