Miroslav Popovic

Miroslav is senior software architect for .NET and JavaScript, employed at Seavus in the position of a technical lead. He uses .NET from version 1.0. From Windows Forms, through WPF and Silverlight, all the way to ASP.NET Core. Currently, he is focused on ASP.NET Core, client-side JavaScript development and software craftsmanship. During his career, he worked on a lot of small and big projects, including a couple of local startups. He was one of the members of the development team for the Kicks platform and one of the moderators forhttps://javascriptkicks.com and https://dotnetkicks.com. Besides that, he is an active community member, conference speaker, one of the leaders of "BLbit Banja Luka" user group, and one of the organizers of INIT conference in Banja Luka. His blog is at https://miroslavpopovic.com.

Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core

For quite a while, ASP.NET Core MVC was the only choice when writing REST APIs with ASP.NET Core. It is still a valid choice. However, we now have a new way of defining web APIs – Minimal APIs – for plain REST APIs, microservice-oriented projects, and simple web apps. Minimal APIs come without the overhead and kitchen-sink approach of MVC. We'll look into the supported features, what is different at the moment in regard to MVC, how it can be extended with libraries like Carter, and what the future brings for Minimal API in ASP.NET Core 8.