Damian Mehers

Damian Mehers is an independent Xamarin Certified software developer and consultant, based near Geneva, Switzerland, developing for Windows, iOS, Xbox, watchOS, Android, Tizen, Wear OS and MacOS. Damian's provided consulting to companies as varied as Evernote in California and Nestle in Switzerland. Damian has founded several successful software companies, and loves the magic that is creating software products: turning something imagined into something real.

Wearables and .NET: The perfect match


Did you know that you can build apps for Apple's watchOS, Android Wear OS and Samsung Galaxy Watch Tizen OS, all in .NET? What if I told you that you can re-use 80%+ of your code across all three platforms? How do I know? Because I've done it. Come to this session to learn how you too can build wearable apps across multiple platforms, with real-world tips and techniques based on hard-earned experience shipping commercial wearable apps. This session will include live building an app for all three platforms, sharing code and tests, as well as a walk-through of the non-obvious steps involved in submitting wearable apps to their respective App Stores. .NET is the perfect platform for building wearable apps. Come find out why.