Dennis van der Stelt

Dennis is a Software Architect who loves building distributed systems and the challenges they bring. To always be better than the day before, he continuously searches for new ways to improve his knowledge on architecture and software development. He shares what he learns in numerous articles, presentations, and blog posts. If you want to chat, feel free to ping Dennis on Twitter at @dvdstelt

Implementing the planet's largest e-commerce site using service boundaries

How often did you see a session about any kind of services and heard about how important it was to find the right boundaries, but until now you wondered how to find the right boundaries. Or what those boundaries look like once implemented, how services behave and what data they own. And how on earth business data cannot cross those service boundaries, but invoices are required to have product, customer and pricing details. In this session we'll see an example of how the planet's largest electronic retailer would find the service boundaries for its checkout process. Then we'll look at how each service is part of choreographing this complex business process in an actual implementation. You'll finally understand the full flow from finding service boundaries to implementation and be able to break down a big ball of mud into a maintainable and decoupled system.