Maciej "MJ" Jedrzejewski

Author of Mastering Strategic Domain-Driven Design book ( and Evolutionary Architecture repository ( Promoter of continuous deployment and holistic (and pragmatic!) approach to software architecture. Just another software dude living in Switzerland. Website: Newsletter: Vlogger:

Evolutionary Architecture: The What. The Why. The How.

Fire in production and not knowing which component was at fault? Leaking layers? It takes forever for the application page to load, but it used to be super fast at the beginning? Don't worry - these are very common problems. Many factors lead to them and my role here is to help you tackle them. You might ask how? I'm already rushing to answer - using an evolutionary approach to your software architecture. You will learn 4 steps of evolution: - Simplicity - Maintainability - Growth - Complexity And all based on .NET! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced folk, this talk will give you the insights you need to build an architecture that is flexible and manageable over time.