Maddy Montaquila

Maddy Montaquila (formerly Leger) is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft on the .NET team. She has been with the team since 2018 working on Xamarin and now .NET MAUI tooling. She first worked with the Xamarin team as a Microsoft intern and realized the impact she could have creating amazing developer tools and frameworks. Maddy’s current focus is on making .NET MAUI developers more productive than ever. Find Maddy on Twitter and Github @maddymontaquila!

It's not your dad's .NET anymore

.NET is feeling 22! Since 2002, .NET has grown into the most performant and flexible platform for building any type of app for any device. Target mobile/desktop with .NET MAUI, the web with ASP.NET and Blazor, and even orchestrate your cloud native development and deployment with .NET Aspire. .NET 8 was the biggest and best .NET yet - until .NET 9 comes out in November! Join Maddy Montaquila, .NET Senior Product Manager, for a whirlwind tour of some of the cool things you can do with .NET, how it all integrates together, .NET 9 updates, and maybe even some history lessons on how all this came about!

Demystify cloud-native development with .NET Aspire

Explore the groundbreaking .NET Aspire technology stack designed for cloud-native development. We'll start from the basics - what even is cloud-native development?! - and then explore various aspects of Aspire including Orchestration, Components, Tooling and more. We'll also show you how to plug in Aspire to your existing projects, from a single piece to the whole pie.