Mark Allibone

Mark Allibone serves as a Technical Lead at Rey Technology and a Microsoft MVP. Specializing in aiding prominent companies in their digital transformation journeys across multiple sectors, Mark brings a fervor for creating not just functionally robust applications, but also those that enhance user experience. In addition to his professional endeavors, he co-hosts the Null Pointers podcast. You can find him on most platforms as mallibone.

Let's turn your website into a hybrid .NET MAUI app

Web apps are great and easy to deploy. However, they come with limitations, especially on mobile devices, where access to those platform features could be a real game changer for your users. This talk will discuss what it takes to embed your website into a .NET MAUI app. Whether your app is Angular, React or Vue - you will know your options and how to enhance your website with mobile features such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), push notifications and friends using C# and .NET MAUI.