Mark Allibone

Mark Allibone is the Lead Mobile Engineer at Rey Automation and a Microsoft MVP. He supports many well-known companies with their mobile ambitions in various domains. With a passion for efficient cross-platform solutions and a heart for the user, Mark does not solely aim to build functionally complete apps, but apps that enable the user. He is the co-organizer of the Xamarin User Group in Zurich Switzerland. You can find him on twitter as @mallibone

Fabulous Functional Frontends

Introductory and overview

Fabulous is a Framework for F# to build UI applications. Built on Xamarin.Forms - Fabulous lets you create apps for all popular mobile and desktop operating systems. Discover how functional features baked into F# can help you in your everyday programming challenges. See the Model-View-Update (MVU) Pattern in action and learn how it enables you to write functional UI code. The talk is aimed at C# developers keen to see what can be done with functional programming. There will be a short introduction to MVU and Fabulous in general / how it compares to OO Xamarin approaches. Then we will dive into how an app is created and what makes it so much more fun than a classical OO approach. At the end the attendee will know how Fabulous can create good looking apps for Android, iOS (UWP, Linux, Windows and macOS).